A Little About Us...

GeorgiaMountainMarketing.com is a service of WebStoreSEO. We developed this website to showcase our social media management and local business platforms. Additionally, our goal with this specific website is to help small businesses in our local service areas to be successful. In the years we have been in business we have seen many other businesses come and go. One of the mistakes we frequently see is business owners trying to do too much themselves and/or neglecting things that need to be done. We routinely see this with their social media presence. It’s not uncommon to land on a business Facebook page trying to learn more about them only to find their last post was months or even years ago. We are living in a technological age where “Social Presence”, “On-line Reputation” and “Local Visibility” are vital parts of any successful business. Listen, we know you can’t do everything and focus on growing the business and taking care of your customers too. It is impossible. You definitely don’t have the time and in many cases, the know-how, resources or experience to do it all. We also know the services we offer can help some of these businesses become and stay successful. Let us take this one crucial part off your plate! We can do it cost effectively while offering you a good return with new business, service recoveries & more.

NOTE: While we would love to help everyone, we will only work with a single business in the same category – in the same market area – at the same time! We feel that to do otherwise would simply be unethical. Most companies will take ALL clients. When you choose us we will dedicate the time and resources to YOUR business, NOT your competitors! 

About WebStoreSEO

WebStoreSEO is a web development company specializing in providing any size business with Website Development and Professional Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Solutions. Owner Jeffrey Fagan has been involved in Web Development and Search Engine Optimization for over 25 yrs. He has helped hundreds of clients throughout that time by offering leading edge solutions and services. As a company, WebStoreSEO.com is focused on developing and implementing strategies and designs to increase web site traffic to client’s web & eCommerce sites reflecting in higher customer acquisition, better customer retention and measurable return on investment. We stay current on all topics relating to Responsive Design, eCommerce, SEO & Search Engine Marketing, Local Business Marketing & Reputation Management. We continuously work to better understand our clients needs, risks and possibilities relating to doing business on the Internet.